In the face of increasing environmental complexities, information is critical to successfully developing and implementing national and global policy, processes, and solutions that are required for our changing world. The management tenet that you must measure to manage has never been more applicable than today given the challenges of climate change.

Measuring for managing also highlights the important contributions of Earth observations that enable the detection of change, which must be accompanied with free and open access to data. To successfully manage, decisions makers in both the public and private sector must have access to the latest and most up to date information; data availability must be transparent and readily available. The Forum on Earth Observations IV will highlight our nation’s need for systematic, targeted and sustained measurements as a critical component for successful management in both the public and private sector. It will also highlight the important need for improved communication and cooperation between the Federal and non-Federal sectors.

This unique, one-day conference will bring together key government representatives, leading entrepreneurs and innovators to raise the visibility of the need to better adapt to climate change through sustained measurements and information; it will bring together those that develop the tools to monitor the planet with those that need and use the information to manage it. This conference represents the fourth in the Forum on Earth Observations series.

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Photo by PA3 Andy Devilbiss, USCG.